• Corporate and Commercial law

Our team offers expert advice and assistance on the legal and regulatory issues affecting the corporations’ life and focuses on the following:

- Assisting and representing shareholder’s rights;
- Advising on setting up new business entities in Greece or abroad and on corporate governance matters;
- Conduct legal due diligence and draft the relative reports;
- Advising on all aspects of day to day operations of corporations, regulatory and compliance matters;
- Negotiating and drafting ancillary agreements, such as shareholder and management agreements and loan facility agreements;
- Negotiating and drafting a wide range of commercial contracts, such as contracts of commercial cooperation (without limitation sale & purchase agreements, consultancy agreements, license agreements), leasing agreements, franchising, concession, distributorship, agency agreements;
- Conduct corporate & commercial litigation.

  • Employment law

Our team combines legal expertise with profound experience in employment law focusing on the following services:

- Advice, consultation and effectuation of restructuring procedures, i.e. massive dismissals, transfer of business, secondments;
- Drafting all kinds of employment contracts (workers/ employees/ managers);
- Undertakes Civil, Criminal and Administrative litigation arising out of employment issues;
- Negotiating with trade unions and drafting collective employment agreements;
- Preparing internal work regulation and Codes of Conduct;
- Preparing human resources policies and safety policies;
- Formation of stock option plans and structures;
- Advising on health and safety in the workplace;
- Civil and penal litigation relating to work accidents;
- Civil and penal litigation related to social insurance contributions;

  • Tax law

Our team provides services relating to all tax aspects of commercial and financial transactions by drawing expertise from our tax counsels. Our counsels are highly respected experts in their field and have many years of in-depth experience of similar matters ranging from academic to practical. We also represent clients in disputes against tax and other administrative authorities at all levels of Court.

  • Shipping law

Our firm provides legal assistance to Greek and foreign ship owing companies concerning the acquisition, financing, operation, insurance and chartering of vessels.

  • Public Procurement law

Our team assists a growing circle of foreign companies, whose main activities focus in public tenders and represents them during the evolution of public procedures but also for the legal matters arising out of the execution of public contracts. The substantial experience of our public procurement team includes advising on:

- the interpretation and implementation of the European and national legislation governing public procurement procedures and public law contracts;
- drafting and filling of applications, bids and other documents arising from participation in public tenders;
- review, negotiation and enforcement of public law contracts;
- disputes arising from public procurement procedures and public contracts before greek courts;

  • Energy and Natural Resources

Our team offers a wide range of legal services covering the areas of Energy and Natural Resources. In particular, our firm advises our clients during all the stages of an energy project from the initial structuring to the final installation and production of electric power. In particular, we provide legal assistance to Greek and foreign companies before all Greek bodies responsible for the licensing of renewable energy projects such as wind farms, photovoltaic plants and biomass projects, hydroelectric and thermal projects.

  • Real Estate law

Our highly specialized team provides complete law services and representation of clients in acquiring, development, construction, syndication, taxation, financing, privatization, leasing and litigation referring to real estate matters.

  • Dispute Resolutions

Our law firm possesses significant experience concerning the methods of Alternative Dispute Resolutions such as mediation and arbitration in order to seek appropriate solutions for our clients.

  • Data Protection law

Our team advises on privacy and data protection matters, having carrying out significant compliance projects with relevant questionnaires, focusing on:

- Drafting of outsourcing processing contracts;
- Advising on procedures and ideas for complying with valid European legislation;
- Monitoring the administrative decisions and regulations of Hellenic Data Protection Authority and giving relative advice;
- Reviewing, Advising and Drafting of relevant policies;
- Advising on cross – border data transmission inside and outside EU;
- Multinational corporations and data protection;
- Advising on data protection matters related to electronic communications-related transactions and projects;

  • Law of Intellectual Property

Our team combines legal expertise with experience and assists clients on the legal aspects of intellectual property and technology matters, focusing on:

- Registration and protection (on a national, european and international level) of trademarks/ trademarks renewals/ cancellation and oppositions;
- Registration and protection of patents and industrial designs (on a national, European and international level);
- Relative litigation;
- Drafting software License contracts;
- Drafting IT processing contracts;

  • Criminal law and corporate crime

Our highly specialized team offers legal advice and support to clients in financial criminal law cases, in the handling of which we have utmost experience.